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I recently made a self help masterpost of masterposts you can find it here
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Hello hi I'm almost out of high school almost there almost done I live in a place of maple leaves and I like John and Sherlock and Sherlock and John and Molly Hooper and Solverson and Joan and Leslie Knope. I like lots. Graphic design, Radical Face, painting, and neuroscience is all I know.
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Nothing, at the moment. Oh no. Recs?

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Sherlock, Fargo, Doctor who, Parks and Rec, Elementary, Brooklyn 99, OITNB, Community

How I Met Your Mother,
The Office US
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Warm Bodies (2013)

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The Book Theif

In Calgary I saw a man with an I ❤️fargo shirt and I cried lots

I be at Calgary 😎

is that paul rudd